May 14th 2016

Marshall Brown's Chimera

Western Exhibitions presents its second solo show with Marshall Brown, featuring new architectural photomontages. The exhibition opens on Saturday, May 14, 5 to 8pm and runs through June 25, 2016 at 845 W Washington Blvd., 2nd Floor Chicago, IL.

The Chimera series is named after the mythological beast believed to have been part lion, part goat and part dragon. Brown describes these cross-bred works as acts of “creative miscegenation”. In a technique Brown dubs “stealth collage,” he samples published photos of buildings and remixes them, painstakingly cutting and pasting found fragments. He creates new alignments between diverse, seemingly incompatible aesthetics. Different from modernist collages which were designed to shock, Brown’s Chimera are intended to deceive viewers into new awareness.

After having worked in collage for over a decade, Brown created the suite of one hundred pieces on view between January 1 and December 31, 2014. Each 14 x 17 inch composition begins with an intuitive selection of samples, and proceeds with a disciplined assemblage of new architectural visions. Unlike most works of architecture, these photomontages have neither site nor function. They may be sketches for potential future projects, showcasing Brown’s unique ability to make new spaces and forms using diverse sources. Brown insists with the Chimera that he’s more than an architect of buildings— he’s a creator of intricate worlds.