Dec 8th 2017

Prof. Mimica lectures at 17th Annual Days of Oris

Professor Vedran Mimica spoke about his new book, “The Berlage Afair” at the 17th Annual Days of Oris convention in Zagreb, Croatia at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall.

Days of Oris is an annual architectural convention founded in 2000. The 2017 convention was a two-day event with lectures of prominent international and local architects including Pritzker laureates RCR Arquitectes, Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta and Japanese architect Go Hasegava. 

The concept of Days of Oris is supplemental to Oris magazine and the selection of speakers is the result of the prevailing international importance of the magazine and the network of associates and authors which Oris has developed through the years. Vedran Mimica is regular contributor to the Oris magazine and 16 articles are included in his new book “The Berlage Affair”.

Reflecting upon 22 years at the Berlage Institute and mutli-layered character of the book, Mimica spoke about cultural identity, architectural education and research, global economic flows and urbanization, and advanced technologies and post-human society.

Vedran Mimica is a Croatian-born Dutch educator currently working as a Professor at Illinois Institute of Technology College of Architecture in Chicago. He joined the Berlage Institute Amsterdam in 1991, where he was the last Director was responsible for creating the educational program, composing the curriculum and guiding research activities from 2007 to its closure in 2012.