IITAC Research Center

The keynote of the IITAC Research Center is "Rethinking Metropolis," the architecture of the multiple, competing entities defining urban life in the new millennium. Urban migrations and the proliferation of information technologies have rendered obsolete the logistical premises and architectural values of the traditional city. We can no longer view architecture as a singular enterprise of making buildings and it is time for a radical critique of our approaches. The task of rethinking our habitats and landscapes in a fundamental way entails a multi-faceted and interdisciplinary approach. It will draw upon the cultural, social, economic, and biological sciences, but it will also demand a particular talent and sensitivity to be cultivated in the architect who is ethically charged with environmental interventions. Richard Neutra some years ago opened a book with the somber note that "Nature has too long been outraged by design of nose rings, corsets, and foul-aired subways." Today this observation has become ever more relevant because the problems associated with the metropolis have grown pokiesnzonline.com even more acute. We have choices to make as a profession. And if the 21st century is to succeed in improving living conditions for the world's populations, it will be because we have adopted the tools at our disposal and energetically stepped forth with a dynamic vision. The purpose of the IITAC Research Center is to promote and promulgate invention - to proffer a new vision.

Professor Vedran Mimica, co-director
Professor Michelanglo Sabatino, co-director