Oct 29th 2014

3D Printing as New Means for Case Studies

In the past students would select a case study project then draw plans, sections and elevations as a method of research and analysis. Today students build virtual 3D models to create physical 3D Prints. 

Students in Peluso's Advanced Digital Fabrication Seminar were asked to select a pavilion project to fabricate at various scales throughout the semester starting small scale and moving up to full scale. Their first assignment was to create a virtual 3D model as a means to become more intimate with their selected project. This challenged students to really understand the geometries in order to make an accurate representation. 

Working together with IIT's Idea Shop students made use of the Z Corp Zprint 450 3D printer. The Zprint makes 3D prints by laying down 1 micron of plaster powder and binder at a time, a process called additive manufacturing. After this assignment students will begin to fabricate their case study at a larger scale using subtractive manufacturing and thermoforming. They will make use of the College of Architecture's 4'x8' CNC router and the Idea Shop's vacuum former. For their final assignment the students will fabricate at full scale using Carbon Fiber.

Students and selected Case Studies:

Rocio Bachiller Barquin and Istvan Van Vianen
“Apertures”, by Herwig Baumgartner & Scott Uriu

Josmar Baruffaldi Cristello and Luca Lliteras Roldan
“Shellstar Pavilion”, by MATSYS

Hannah Eastman and Joshua Yoon
“Arboskin Pavilion”, by Stuttgart University's ITKE

Kyunglan Kim and Sofia Oliva Gorria
“Peace Pavilion”, by Atelier Zündel Cristea

Egor B. Machaca Florez and Maria Del Pilar Ribot Reus
“Composite Canopy”, by Greg Lynn

Yingu Pan and Anna Vadacca
“AIA Pavilion”, by Gernot Riether