Jan 11th 2016

Cloud Studio Lottery

The Spring 2016 Cloud Studio Lottery slated for Monday, Jan. 11 @ 2 p.m. in MTCC McCloska Auditorium.

Cloud Studios are open to 5th Year B.Arch, 3rd year M.Arch, 3rd year MLA, MS and1st year Ph.D Studio. The schedule for Cloud Studio presentations follows:

Studio Presentations:

Vedran Mimica, Curator Intro
Hybrids and Metropolitan Comparative Studies

2:20 Chicago, USA
Studio abroad TU Delft - Prof. Winy Maas, Felix Madrazo, Adrien Ravon, John Manaves, Arend van Waart – WegoCity, Tailor Made Housing

2:35 Chicago, USA
Morgenstern Chair- Susannah Drake – IIT City

2:50 Chicago, USA
Susan Conger Austin, Paul Endres, - Porous Boundaries

3:05 Los Angeles, USA
Steven Brubaker - Making Metropolis 5 / 6

3:35 Mexico City, Mexico
Jennifer Park - Image of Sharing


4:00 Sao Paolo, Brazil
Monika Thadhani and Chris Groesbeck - Urban Paradox

4:15 Concepción, Chile
Pezo von Ellrichausen - Naive Intention 04: Capricious Field

4:30 Chicago, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lluis Ortega - Interior Beastiary

4:45 Changde, China
Martin Felsen - Sponge City Superblocks

5:00 Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, USA
SOM: Mark Nagis and Robert Bracken - Station Mutation

5:15 Peter Land - Universal Space

5:30 Martin Felsen - Lottery/Sign up for studios