Dec 15th 2020

Congratulations to the Graduates of December 2020

The College of Architecture would like to extend its sincerest congratulations to 19 students of the bachelor, master, and doctorate programs who completed their programs at the end of the fall 2020 semester. Though the majority of our students complete their degrees in May, we want to take this moment to recognize the achievements of those graduating in December—as well as their tenacity in earning their degrees in what has been an unconventional year.

“All of us in the college salute the hard work and achievements of these graduates and look forward to working with them as professional colleagues. Bravo to all of you,” says College of Architecture Dean Reed Kroloff.

Below is a list of the individuals who have graduated, who, with the completion of their degree, join a distinguished group of alumni.

Khalid Alharbi, B.ARCH.

Savita Bansi, B.ARCH.

Perla X. Baratta, B.ARCH.

Matthew A. Callo, M.L.A.+U

Jennifer Cano, B.ARCH.

Jackson R. Conlon, B.ARCH.

Eric W. Drozd, B.ARCH.

Waleed F. Elshanshoury, M.S.ARCH.

Chen Gao, B.ARCH.

Chandrasekharaiah Ashish Hirematt, M.S.ARCH.

Youxian Ma, M.S.ARCH.

Anat Mor-Avi, Ph.D.

Cam H. Nguyen, B.ARCH.

Marcos A. Petroli, Ph.D.

Adam Rostek, B.ARCH.

Ryan M. Schonken, B.ARCH.

Disha Nitin Shirgurkar, M.ARCH.

Aneta B. Trebunia, B.ARCH.

Shenghao Zhang, M.L.A.+U