Jun 17th 2016

Progress in Chile: Design/Build 2016

Students of IIT Architecture Chicago have been hard at work developing a community center as part of the 2016 Design/Build Studio in Antihuala, Chile. Currently three weeks into the studio, Professors Frank Flury, Colleen Humer, and students have made significant progress toward the construction of the center."

In regards to our construction progress, we have, in combination with community members, chosen the exact building location on the Laguna. We have also successfully poured our foundations and have made preparations to begin construction." says Lauren McPhillips, a student currently working as part of the Design/Build studio.

Along with the studio's progress towards the construction of the community center, students have also had the opportunity to learn more about the culture as well as enjoy a many activities with local townspeople and partners.

"We have received a tour of the community (provided by the mayor himself), we have learned how to make tortillas, we have joined in on numerous futbol games, we have kayaked with some of the local schoolchildren and have been thoroughly filled to the brim with delicious food (Rodrigo!!). We are also extremely grateful for all of the administrative and on-site support of Arauco, whom of which we would be nowhere without. We, my friends, are completely content and loving our experience thus far." says Lauren. 

"Daily we wake up to happy faces and kind hearts as we are surrounded by some of the most genuine and helpful people ever. From our arrival (a small gathering of community members boasting treats and warm beverages) to our work on-site (community members checking in on us and even joining in our efforts at times) we have felt that Antihuala is a home away from home." says Lauren.