Jun 2nd 2021

Now Open: DesignIntelligence College Ranking Surveys

UPDATE: DesignIntelligence has extended the deadline to take the survey to Friday, August 6. If you have not already, we kindly ask that you take the time to complete it.

After a one-year hiatus due to COVID-19, the DesignIntelligence architecture school ranking program is now resuming, and we need your help. We ask that our community—students, alumni, professionals, and our colleagues—evaluate us in the surveys that inform these rankings, which takes just a few minutes. The rankings are based on both the responses and response rates, so it’s important that as many of our friends evaluate us as possible. These rankings can influence how students, and even employers, perceive a program, regardless of its underlying strengths. Please help us spread the remarkable story of IIT Architecture.

The surveys are accessible below. Your perspective—and support—means a great deal to the college, and especially its next generations of graduates.

Students and Recent (Last Two Years) Graduates



Professionals and Alumni



Deans and Academics