Feb 12th 2016

Free Ass. Mag. ISSUE #2

Free Association Magazine is calling for submissions for their ISSUE #2 NO MAN'S LAND. Submissions are due Wed., Feb.17 and may be sent directly to freeassmagazine@gmail.com.

Free Association Magazine is an anti-architecture architecture magazine that was first published in Nov. 2015 with ISSUE #1 UTOPIA and is available at freeassmag.com.


Do you see hidden places around you, constructed by physical or metaphysical means? Have they been created by an unforeseen force or by your own manipulations?

There are spaces left over, kept blank, perhaps from the absence of consciousness, or a willingness to forget. Much of what we have constructed as our environment has been contrived to manipulate our actions or desires, but simultaneously there are spaces created with unintended consequences. These places can be hidden or in plain site. We may have constructed them ourselves by way of protection or neglect, but all that remains is the place considered “no man’s land”, the “uncontested” area.