Jan 22nd 2019

Grant Award for Urban Waters: CHICAGO – HAMBURG

Grant Award for U rban Waters: CHICAGO – HAMBURG

"Urban Waters," the transatlantic collaboration project between Hafencity University (HCU) in Hamburg and IIT Architecture was awarded a grant from the Department of Science, Research and Gender Equality ( BWFG) of the State of Hamburg. This grant will fund the advancement of research and design projects into 2020, and support expositions and publications related to the collaborative project. 

The cooperative "Urban Waters" project was launched in June 2018, and is is a unique opportunity for students and faculty from both institutions to study and work in each other's respective cities and communities.

" Doppelgänger" will open on June 20, 2019, as part of the Hamburger Architektur Sommer 2019 (the counterpart to Chicago’s Architecture Biennial). This exhibition will highlight IIT Architecture's Hamburg Study Abroad Program and its partner programs at the HCU Hamburg.