Mar 14th 2019


Thursday, April 4, 2019

H-Sang Seung: Landscript
6 p.m. | S. R. Crown Hall, Lower Core
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On April 4 Seung H-Sang, one of South Korea’s most prominent architects and chief commissioner of the Presidential Commission on Architecture Policy for South Korea, will be giving a lecture at S. R. Crown Hall in the lower core. Seung will discuss historical paradigms in architecture, new ideas, and some of his recent work, but will most importantly share his architectural methodology: landscript.

Seung describes landscript in his 2009 book of the same name as such: “Like our fingerprints and the lines in our palms, the memory of the past remains imprinted on all land. As every fingerprint is unique, so is the pattern of every piece of land. Sometimes its pattern is created from natural history; sometimes it is a pattern imprinted through the continuity of human life. The record and story of our lives are written on the land. The land is thus a grand and noble book of history, and thus is as precious as precious can be. Let us call this the landscript.”

Born in South Korea in 1952, Seung studied architecture at Seoul National University, and shortly after graduation worked under celebrated architect Kim Swoo Geun. In 1989 Seung formed his current architecture firm, IROJE Architects & Planners. In 2014 he was commissioned as Seoul’s first “city architect” and was responsible for overseeing the planning and bidding on public projects, subsequently helping to find an architectural identity for the city. Throughout his career, Seung has shown a resounding respect for the history and topography of any build site, a conviction seen strongly in his architectural projects and in his landscript methodology.