Apr 20th 2016

Marshall Brown on PBS

Marshall Brown is interviewed for a program celebrating "10 Towns that Changed America" on 4/19 @ 8:00 p.m. on PBS.

10 Towns that Changed America (Tuesday, April 19) focuses on ten experimental towns that did not evolve organically over time, but instead were designed (or redesigned) from the ground up by visionary planners and ordinary citizens who sought to change the lives of residents using architecture, design, and urban planning. Some of these planners were driven by an ideology, others were trying to serve their own financial interests, but all had one thing in common: they believed in the power of our built environment to change the way we live. From St. Augustine to Levittown, from Salt Lake City to Portland’s new Pearl District, this episode inspires us to reconsider where we live, and how our towns and cities affect every aspect of our lives.