Nov 11th 2022

Regenerative Cities: Students Around World Search Beyond Sustainable Future

Creating a sustainable future by understanding how cities function at various scales, ranging from urban planning and landscape to design trends and building performance, is this year’s theme for the sixth annual International Graduate Student Symposium, organized by IIT College of Architecture Ph.D. students.

“To combat the climate crisis as well as global population rise, it is important to start thinking holistically about the design of a city. With a better understanding of the workings of a city and its systems, one can apply the regenerative design concepts to create a positive impact at an urban level,” says Piyush Khainar (Ph.D. 2022)

Students from national and international universities can submit papers related to regenerative cities, and selected papers are published in Prometheus, a peer-reviewed journal of the Ph.D. program.

“The most important thing about the symposium is that it’s a platform for graduate-level students to share their research with peers around the world, all while getting it published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal,” Khainar says.

The International Graduate Student Symposium will run November 18–20, 2022. Go to for more information.