May 6th 2016

Students Launch Web Platform

Students in Lluis Ortega's ARCH 497 Architecture Becomes Public launch Focus//, a platform for discussion of architecture.

Focus// is a web-based platform for the discussion of architecture. It is the product of a small group of IIT College of Architecture students focused on addressing particular facets of the architectural education, professional, social, political and economic systems. 

Each month we will address one topic via video interviews which we will post on this platform for open discussion in the forum. At the end of each academic semester, we will then publish the highlights of the interviews and discussion forum in a small downloadable document. As each discussion has a particular focus, we’d appreciate participants to stick to the topic as much as possible, to support your ideas with links and other media, and to refrain from negative comments.

Students in the course include: Omar Almahdy, Dan Costa Baciu, Munia Dawood, Maria Escudero Garcia, Veselka Ivanovic, Elena Kuzmanovska, Rebecca Murray, Neesha Narayanan, Ana Pascual Loren, Sara Rad, Jorge Serra de Freitas, Jenna Staff, Nathanael Urban, Marta Wojcik.