Aug 31st 2015

Summer 2015 Exhibit

The Summer 2015 Exhibit opened with a reception at 6 PM on September 4, 2015 at S. R. Crown Hall. The exhibit showcased student work from the following summer and traveling classes:

Indonesia Design/Build
(Prof. Flury)

London+Rome: Radical Cartographies + Literary Infrastructures
(Profs. Johnson and Kowalczyk)

Corb++ : Reflective Recordings and Le Corbusier in Context
(Profs. Humer and Wetzel)

Germany/Netherlands/Denmark: Analytic Rendering and Materials Technology
(Profs. DeSalvo and Clarke)

Studio Berlin: Tactical Strategies for New Urbanisms
(Profs. Manaves and Kriegel)

Urban Activation Englewood Studio
(Profs. Chadha and Parente)

Reforesting the City Studio
(Profs. Groesbeck and Thadhani)

Digital Fabrication: Architectural Applications of Carbon Fiber Composites
(Prof. Peluso)

Comic Theory and Practice + Map Theory and Practice
(Prof. Schachman)

Non-Hierarchical Structures for the Floating Museum
(Prof. Schachman)

Color in Context
(Prof. Williams)

Architecture and Furniture
(Prof. Pettigrew)