The Logan Square Center

Yingu Pan
B Arch, 3rd Year Fall, 2013

The Logan Square Center is a hybrid architecture that functions in many different ways. Instead of having a defined program for the building, the Logan Square Center welcomes everyone to be the “Architect” and design their public space as they like. Instead of having a huge building to adapt many programs, the building maximizes the flexibility by having undefined and changeable elements- Hybrid Cubes. These cubes can be raised and lowered by the hydraulic system. Users can choose the number of cubes they need for particular event and select the furniture as provided in the basement. Then the robot will transport the furniture into the selected cube and let the cube raised above ground. Once in place, façade will be installed as need. By doing so, the building can be fully used all the time and we can save a huge amount of money with a small building foot print while providing as many functions as we want.


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