News  Aug 14, 2014
VOA, SOM Collaborative Studios featured in the Cloud

New offerings in the Cloud Studios this year include a studio led by architects of VOA and three studios in collaboration with SOM, among several other exciting prospects. — Full Story

News  Aug 13, 2014
IIT Cloud Studios Join The Why Factory at TU Delft

Among the Cloud Studio offerings this year is our new traveling studio titled "Farm Blocks: Urban Architecture Beyond Cliches" lead by Winy Maas of MVRDV, and hosted at The Why Factory(T?F) of the Delft University of Technology.  — Full Story

Videos  Jul 25, 2014
"Balloon Paradise" in Crown Hall

Students Erin Huang and Su Jeong Lee of Prof. Jordan Kanter's Summer Studio, "Modulating Ruin: Modular Strategies for Recolonizing the Packard Plant," pin-up and present inside of a half scale component of their project proposal, "Balloon Paradise." — Full Story

News  Jul 24, 2014
FIBERwave PAVILION wins Morpholio Future Voices Competition

Studio Associate Professor Alphonso Peluso and his students' carbon fiber FIBERwave PAVILION wins the Morpholio Future Voices competition. — Full Story

News  Jul 12, 2014
Fifth Annual LEGO City Day

Nearly one thousand guests attend event at S.R. Crown Hall. — Full Story

News  Jul 9, 2014
Inaugural MCHAP Finalists Announced

Seven finalists announced at a public event in Santiago, Chile. — Full Story