IntroArch: Grad Prep Workshop


2022 Schedule
1 August - 12 August
Monday - Friday, 9 am - 4 pm (CST)

APPLY HERE (password: introarch2022)

For incoming students:

This workshop is designed to prepare students for the graduate architectural studio sequence at IIT College of Architecture. It is highly recommended for students embarking on the 3-year professional Master of Architecture and Master of Landscape Architecture degrees (those without prior architectural studio experience) and is recommended for students embarking on the 2-year M.Arch with Advanced Standing (especially those who have not recently completed their undergraduate studies).

For prospective students:

This workshop is also open to those not currently seeking a degree at IIT Architecture, but who are interested in pursuing graduate studies in architecture in the future.


The emphasis of the workshop is on constructing a cohesive investigative process that integrates the fundamental techniques of architectural representation with a set of critical discursive practices – a skill set essential for navigating the architectural studio.

Concepts and techniques covered will be the foundational skills of the architect, i.e. various modes of freehand drawing and imaging; descriptive and analytic orthographic projection; architectural model-making; as well as strategies for presenting, discussing, critiquing, and collaborating in a design studio context.

Students without prior experience can expect to acquire a working familiarity with the strategies, concepts, and techniques that form the backbone of architectural design studio work, while more experienced participants are afforded a platform to refresh, refine and redirect their capacities. 


The workshop is built around a series of design projects that integrate skill building, drawing and discussion sessions, concept and process tutorials, and structured discussion and critique with a select group of expert practitioners, educators, and scholars.

This year’s iteration takes full advantage of the benefits by widening the circle of participating guests, lecturers, and critics to the formidable network of IIT graduates, collaborators and colleagues, as well as current students and faculty.

While the work of the course is highly structured and meant to be challenging, the spirit of the enterprise is very much that of open-ended inquiry and the cultivation of individuated perspectives. Students can expect both one-on-one and small group sessions with a wide range of interlocutors, working to situate their growing capabilities in a comprehensive disciplinary context.

2022 Schedule
1 August - 12 August
Monday - Friday, 9 am - 4 pm (CST)
Program Fee: $1,000

Please note that students will also need to procure their own drawing and modeling supplies (budgeting under $200).

APPLY HERE (password: introarch2022)

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