Visit IIT College of Architecture

Individual Campus Visits

We invite you to visit IIT Architecture to view our facilities, meet with admissions staff and see the student work in progress. We recommend visiting on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm when architecture design studios are in session (fall and spring semester only).

Individual visits to IIT Architecture begin by scheduling an appointment through the Undergraduate Admissions Office (here) or Graduate Admissions Office (here). Please indicate that you are interested in visiting with the Architecture department, a visit to our department will then be coordinated. 

Please note we offer both in-person and virtual visit options.

Visiting S. R. 
Crown Hall, the College of Architecture at Illinois Institute of Technology

S. R. Crown Hall is the main academic facility of the College of Architecture and it is recommended that tours be scheduled through the Chicago Architecture Foundation or arranged through a colleague in the College. Although the building is a registered National Landmark and an architecturally significant building, it is situated on a private campus and all visitors to the IIT campus are expected to observe University policies and respect the privacy of the University community and the condition of the facilities. All tours entering S. R. Crown Hall are required to register/sign-in at the College of Architecture office, located in room 4 on the upper level, prior to touring the facility.

Privacy and Security Protocols
The studio spaces and many classroom areas are not defined by traditional enclosures and the sense of privacy and security depends on the respect for personal space. Those visiting Crown Hall are not allowed to enter the studio spaces that are located on the upper and lower levels. Many classes are frequently held in the open spaces located throughout the building and visitors are also requested to be respectful, quiet, while touring through the public areas.

Tour Group Scheduling
Tour groups larger than 10 individuals, that will not be accompanied by a IIT faculty member or a docent guide from the Chicago Architecture Foundation or The Mies Van der Role Society, must register with the College of Architecture's Director of Buildings & Operations  Mark Osorio, in advance of arrival in order to properly coordinate the visit with the College's academic activities. Unscheduled visits to Crown Hall can be disruptive to the College activities if basic protocols for privacy and personal space are not observed while visiting the facility. Please contact the College of Architecture if there are any questions regarding touring the facility.

Photography and Privacy
In order to further protect the privacy of the College community, photography of students, faculty and staff is not allowed without the subject's direct consent.

NOTE: All guests in S. R. Crown Hall must register at the Dean's Office, located in room UC4, Upper Level. All guests and visitors must follow College of Architecture and University rules while inside Crown Hall.

If you are interested in a more in-depth tour of Mies van der Rohe’s campus and the significant campus architecture we encourage you to take one of the tours offered by the Mies van der Rohe Society.


A representative from IIT Architecture Chicago will be at the following events. Please register today to reserve your spot to learn more about our college, degrees, and other admissions-related questions.

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Fall 2021 IIT Architecture Graduate Open House
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