PhD in Architecture Faculty & Staff

Michelangelo Sabatino
Professor and Director of PhD Program in Architecture
Wiel Arets
Dean, The Rowe Family College of Architecture Dean Endowed Chair
Cynthia Torres
Director of Academic Affairs
Jaucinta Echols
Director of Admission and Recruitment Management
Kimberly Soss
Head of Library
Robert J. Krawczyk
Professor, Associate Dean of University and Academic Affairs
Harry Francis Mallgrave
Distinguished Professor of History and Theory, Emeritus
Sean Keller
Associate Professor, Director of History and Theory
Peter Land
Matt Herman
Adjunct Associate Professor
Luke Leung
Part Time Professor, Director of Sustainable Engineering, SOM
Antony Wood
Research Professor of Tall Buildings, Executive Director of CTBUH
Kevin Harrington
Professor Emeritus of Architectural History, Dept. of Humanities
Vedran Mimica
Professor, Associate Dean of Research
Brent Stephens
Assistant Professor of CAEE, Armour College
Marshall Brown
Associate Professor
Frank C. Flury
Associate Professor
Ullica Segerstrale
Professor of Sociology, College of Human Sciences
Maureen Flanagan
Professor of History, Chair, Department of Humanities, Interim Chair, Department of Social Sciences
Laura Forlano
Assistant Professor of Design, Institute of Design
Ron Henderson
Professor, Director of Landscape Architecture Program
Martin Felsen
Associate Professor, Director of Professional Practice
Lluís Ortega
Associate Professor
Eva Kultermann
Associate Professor, Associate Dean of Curriculum
Daniel Talesnik
Visiting Assistant Professor
Travis Rothe
Senior Designer