Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture

IIT’s College of Architecture offers the only PhD program in Architecture in Chicago, a cosmopolitan metropolis characterized by a dynamic architectural culture, supportive research institutions and leading firms that drive the profession.

Founded in the late 1990s as a laboratory for applied research and scholarship, the PhD program attracts graduate students from around the world who converge on our landmarked Mies-designed campus to address a broad range of topics within an interdisciplinary environment.

The students enrolled in the PhD program explore the historic and contemporary intersections among Architecture, Culture & Technology through two areas of specialized research: History, Theory, and Criticism (HTC), and Technologies of the Built Environment (TBE). Research topics are based on the expertise of our faculty as well as the student interests. Possibilities include: building and urban energy use, environmental impacts of built environments, high-performance building skins, tall building design and performance, advanced structural systems, urban water systems, and histories and theories of architectural technology. Graduates of IIT’s PhD Program in Architecture typically pursue academic careers in universities, obtain positions in research institutions or return to professional practice.

Direct admission into the PhD Program is preferred but admission via the MS program is also an option. Funding opportunities are available in the form of teaching assistantships and the students can benefit from our relationships with large architecture and engineering firms based in Chicago. A limited number of international exchange program opportunities are available for advanced PhD students.



3rd PhD Student Symposium: 
Call for papers

2nd PhD Student Symposium: CHICAGO SCHOOLS (Nov. 17-18, 2017)
Call for papers

1st PhD Student Symposium: PETROLEUM MODERNISM (Oct. 13, 2016)

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