Wiel Arets
Dean, John and Jeanne Rowe Chair
Saad Alghamdi
PhD Student, Program Administrative Assistant
Mohammed Alkhabbaz
PhD Student, Program Administrative Assistant
Brett Balogh
Part Time Professor, Assistant Manager Materials Lab
Jaucinta Echols
Director of Admission and Recruitment Management
Michael Gillhouse
Assistant Materials Lab Manager
Robert J. Krawczyk
Professor, Associate Dean of University and Academic Affairs
John Kriegshauser
Adjunct Associate Professor, Materials Lab Supervisor
Eva Kultermann
Associate Professor, Associate Dean of Curriculum
Carey Lee
IT Coordinator
Molly Lee
Architecture Library Assistant
Kejia Liu
Vedran Mimica
Professor, Associate Dean of Research
Richard E. Nelson
Studio Associate Professor, Director of Buildings & Operations
Daniel O'Connell
Director of Publishing
Travis Rothe
Senior Designer
Annie Simmons
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Kimberly Soss
Head of Library
Dina Taylor
Director of Finance
Cynthia Torres
Director of Academic Affairs
Sasha Zanko
MCHAP Coordinator