Reed Kroloff
Dean & The Rowe Family College of Architecture Endowed Chair
Brick Cassidy
Adjunct Professor; Assistant Materials Lab Manager
Susan Conger-Austin
Assistant Dean, Director of International Affairs; Studio Professor
Martin Felsen
Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
Frank C. Flury
Director, Bachelor of Architecture Program; Associate Professor
Michael Gillhouse
Adjunct Professor; Materials Lab Manager
Ron Henderson
Professor, Landscape Architecture and Urbanism Program
Sean Keller
Associate Professor; Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives
Eva Kultermann
Associate Dean of University and Academic Affairs; Associate Professor
Christine Manuel
Office and Finance Manager
William Maryniak
Adjunct Professor; Assistant Manager Materials Lab
Vedran Mimica
Professor; Director of M. S. Architecture
Mark Osorio
Director of Buildings and Operations
Michelangelo Sabatino
Professor; Director of Ph.D. Program in Architecture; Inaugural John Vinci Distinguished Research Fellow
Alejandro SaldaƱa Perales
PhD Program Administrative Assistant
Kimberly Soss
Director of the GRC and Architecture Librarian
Cynthia Torres
Director of Academic Affairs
Maria A. Villalobos H.
Associate Professor and MLA+U Program Director
Cynthia Vranas
Director of Mies Society and College of Architecture External Relations
Sasha Zanko
MCHAP Program Coordinator