Master of Science in Architecture


With the city of Chicago as its laboratory, IIT Architecture has a deep tradition of exploring the intersection of technology and the built environment. Our investigations have led to world-changing developments in tall buildings, long-span structures, and urbanism.

Our M.S. program extends this tradition through a post-professional degree structured around independent research. Working closely with a faculty advisor, each student develops a research project related to the theme of Technologies of Architecture and Urbanism. This theme may be approached via technical research, applied research (including design), or history and theory. The curriculum includes a minimum of 32 credit hours and is typically fulfilled in one year.

Students and faculty of the M.S. program work together with those of our Ph.D. program to study the impacts of technology on the built environment in the past, present, and future. For both programs, students pursue independent research projects guided by a faculty advisor. Research topics are based on the expertise of our faculty, and are agreed to upon entry to one of the degree programs. Possibilities include: building and urban energy use, environmental impacts of built environments, high-performance building skins, tall building design and performance, advanced structural systems, urban water systems, and histories and theories of architectural technology. Students are able to draw on a wealth of opportunities offered by other IIT departments, by our relationships with architecture and engineering firms based in Chicago, and by the rich archival resources located in the city.

Our M.S.ARCH. program is officially approved as a STEM designated field of study in Architectural and Building Sciences/Technology within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s STEM designated fields list.

International students who have earned degrees in (STEM) fields in the US, may apply for a 24 month extension of their post completion OPT employment for a total of 36 months, a significant benefit for international students who wish to stay and work in the US post-graduation.

Designing the Future Metropolis: Chicago, City of New Technology

Prof. Zoka Zola & Prof. Dorothea Schulz

Advanced Manufacturing as a New Urban Layer

Franziska Parry

Fall 2013


The M.S. program is open to applicants holding accredited professional degrees in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, or an allied field. Applicants with a degree earned outside the U.S. must have the equivalent to a first professional degree and be eligible for licensure in their home country.

M.S. to Ph.D. Continuation

Interested M.S. students who demonstrate exceptional performance will be eligible to enter our Ph.D. program upon approval of a review committee and completion of their M.S. degree. While these students still need to apply for the Ph.D. program, certain requirements will be waived. Students who enter the Ph.D. program via this option will receive appropriate course credit and will typically be treated as second-year Ph.D. students.

Designing Regional Ecologies: Gateway Cities

Prof. Martin Felsen

Re-Stocking - with a New Industrial Ecology

Kyle Cohen, Muzi Li, Franziska Parry

Spring 2014

Further Information

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