The M.Arch/MLA Dual degree, Advanced standing curriculum below is designed for students who are admitted with a Bachelor of Architecture or Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree.

1st Year Fall

LA 541 (6 credits)
Landscape Architecture Studio I: Processes
ARCH 513 (3 credits)
Environment and Building Systems I
LA 501 (3 credits)
History/Theory/Criticism I: Landscape Architecture Theory
LA 565 (3 credits)
Ecology & Materials Workshop I: Plants & Planting

1st Year Spring

LA 542 (6 credits)
Landscape Architecture Studio II: Site & City
ARCH 514 (3 credits)
Environment and Building Systems II
ARCH 501 (3 credits)
Contemporary Architecture
LA 502 (3 credits)
History/Theory/Criticism II: Landscape Architectural History
LA 566 (3 credits)
Ecology & Materials Workshop II: Earthworks & Infrastructures

2nd Year Fall

ARCH 543 (6 credits)
Architectural Studio III - Neighborhood
LA 567 (3 credits)
Ecology & Materials Workshop III: Planting Design and Construction
ARCH 502 (3 credits)
Advanced Topics in History & Theory I
ARCH 485 (3 credits)
Structures I: Structural Analysis-The System

2nd Year Spring

ARCH 544 (6 credits)
Architectural Studio IV - Institution
ARCH 486 (3 credits)
Structures II: Building Design
LA 514 (3 credits)
Professional Practice of Landscape Architecture I: Entrepreneurship and Practice
LA 568 (3 credits)
Ecology & Materials Workshop IV: Constructing the Urban Environment
ARCH or LA DC elective (3 credits)
ARCH or LA Design Communication elective

3rd Year Fall

LA 543 (6 credits)
Landscape Architecture Studio III: Comprehensive Landscape Architecture
LA 504 (3 credits)
History/Theory/Criticism III: Landscape Architecture Research Seminar
ARCH 520 (3 credits)
Introduction to Urbanism
ARCH 560/1/2/3/5/9 (3 credits)
Pro Practice
LA 497 (3 credits)
Special Projects

3rd Year Spring

Arch Cloud Studio VI: Metropolis
LA or ARCH 546 (6 credits)
LA 503 (3 credits)
History/Theory/ Criticism IV: Advanced Contemporary Theory: Case Studies
ARCH (3 credits)
Architecture Elective
LA or ARCH (3 credits)
Landscape or Architecture elective