Bachelor of Architecture/Master of Architecture Co-terminal Degree

We are pleased to announce a new Co-Terminal degree for students: Bachelor of Architecture/Master of Science in Architecture degree. Below is an overview of the new Co-Terminal degree program.

The Co-terminal BArch/MS in Architecture degree program is designed to prepare students for doctoral studies or a professional career. The objective of the program is to 1) provide a foundation in the advanced practices of the field of architecture; 2) to increase the range of job opportunities in both the private and academic arenas for students who are completing the basic professional degree; and 3) to devise a focus in architectural research, possibly leading to a PhD in architecture. Completion of the BArch/MS in Architecture program will allow continuation of studies toward our PhD in Architecture degree, including credit transfer of up to 32 credit hours. The BArch/MS in Architecture may be completed in as few as 6 years using undergraduate scholarships and funding.Nine of the required credits earned may be used to count toward both degrees (shared credit). For more information about the items below, visit the Co-Terminal website at:

Program Admission

Although students may apply for most co-terminal degrees after earning 60 credits, the BArch/MS in Architecture program accepts applications after a BArch student’s 3rd year. Students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA to apply and students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA throughout their studies.In addition, students must plan to complete a full year of Cloud Studio with the same professor; as a result, a summer 5th year studio will not likely be an option for students in this program. A complete list of Co-Terminal Admissions criteria, including complete eligibility requirements, application deadlines, and how to apply can be found here.

Application deadlines are:

  • April 15 for summer semester
  • June 15 for fall semester
  • November 15 for spring semester

Program Requirements

Program requirements for Co-Terminal degrees can be found here.

Please review the information about undergraduate and graduate degree requirements, shared credit, plan of study, and 6 year time limit. 


Please contact the Director of the M.S. in Architecture program for more information about the degree and for graduate advising. Your current undergraduate advisor will continue to work with you to ensure all undergraduate degree requirements are met. A sample curriculum is provided to outline how program requirements for both degrees may be met.

Financial Aid

All newly admitted co-terminal students are required to meet with a Financial Aid staff member to review the rules and regulations for financial aid as it pertains to the co-terminal program. For more information, please review the Office of Financial Aid’s Co-Terminal Student Policy.


Co-Terminal resources, including FAQ’s and Plan of Study Guide, can be found here.