​Bachelor of Architecture Electives

Elective courses will provide some of the most valuable and memorable learning experiences in the Bachelor of Architecture program. Taken during the fourth and fifth year of studies, architecture electives allow students to diversify or concentrate their areas of knowledge.

Students may select courses in digital applications, history and theory, landscape architecture, advanced drawing, architectural photography, visual training, design/build, management, and specialized independent studies.

Advanced courses in architectural materials, construction technology, energy conscious design and structures emphasize the interrelationship of engineering and architecture, while digitally-enriched electives will maximize your readiness to use tomorrow's most sophisticated design, analysis, and presentation tools. Courses in entrepreneurship, project and construction management and other subjects will prepare you for the day-to-day practice of architecture. 

Below is a sample of elective courses and the semester in which they are typically offered. Please check the semester class schedule to confirm actual course offerings each semester.  


ARCH 331
Visual Training I
ARCH 421
Basics of Building Simulation in the Built Environment I
ARCH 433
Introduction to Digital Fabrication
ARCH 434
Advanced Building Information Modeling Strategies
ARCH 436
Advanced Modeling
ARCH 438
Design Visualization
ARCH 445
The Prairie School
ARCH 448 (3 credits)
Furniture Design/Build
ARCH 456
Topics in Modernism
ARCH 471
Architectural Freehand Rendering
ARCH 473
Conflict & Time
ARCH 476
Developed Surface
ARCH 497 (3 credits)
Special Projects


ARCH 332
Visual Training II
ARCH 434
Advanced Building Information Modeling Strategies
ARCH 435
Digital Fabrication
ARCH 440 (3 credits)
Pure Form
ARCH 441 (3 credits)
Collage Making
ARCH 446
History of Landscape Architecture
ARCH 454
Contemporary Chicago Architecture: Case Studies
ARCH 460
Integrated Building Delivery Practice/BIM
ARCH 461
Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Architecture
ARCH 462
Planning Law & Land Policy
ARCH 465
Construction & Project Management
ARCH 467
Advanced Materials Workshop
ARCH 470
Image City: Mediation of Space
ARCH 475
Spatial Stories
ARCH 480
Materials & Construction
ARCH 481
Materiality in Architecture
ARCH 488
Long-Span & Special Structures
ARCH 497 (3 credits)
Special Projects