House Memory

House Memory - Luke Downen
House Memory - Bryanna Mcneal
House Memory - Edgar Alvarado
House Memory - Eric Grycorcewicz
House Memory - Ernesto Zuniga
House Memory - Katsia Seviarynchyk
House Memory - Ignacio Carrera
House Memory - Dennis Khambai
House Memory - Rocco Buttliere
House Memory - Mario Roman
House Memory - Sheree Emmanuel
House Memory - Rolando Rodriguez
House Memory - Taylor Schaub
House Memory - Zhitao Hu

B Arch, 2nd Year Fall, 2013
House / Friction

The fall semester begins with analytical studies of inhabitation (historical and contemporary living patterns and the temporal body in space), developed using a variety of media as representational and investigative tools. With an initial study of a house from memory, students begin to explore how humans occupy and negotiate the built environment, with the aim of developing proficiency in the observational, analytical, and research methodologies that form the basis of architectural work. These studies fold into an extended analysis of precedent houses. We decode, articulate, and interrogate the experiential, spatial, programmatic, tectonic, and material qualities/components embedded within the precedents. The structure of analysis establishes a rigorous methodology for investigation – dissecting for context, inhabitation, tectonics, and construction – and predicts the design processes of the spring semester. The culmination of the fall semester is a series of “dwelling fragments” – projects that closely examine specific frictional relationships between the components of a dwelling, realized materially and responding to the precedent. Students are challenged to think critically about inhabitation, material, tectonics, and patterns of living.


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