The PBC (Pilsen, Bridgeport and Chinatown) Cultural Terminal

Yingu Pan
B Arch, 3rd Year Spring, 2014

The third year studio rethinks the Metropolis through the investigation of the Hybrid and Neighborhood. For the current spring (2014) semester, we were tasked with the design of a Kulturhus- a new Chicago institution which is formed by a network of buildings across the city conceived as collaboration between the Chicago Park District and the Chicago Transit Authority.This project is exploring a site that deals with the confluence of urban systems—people, water, trains, buses, cars and events. It will serve as a new node for the intersecting neighborhoods of Pilsen, Bridgeport and Chinatown and provide for a new Transportation Museum for Chicago and Language School as part of the existing station.

The new programs for the terminal not only celebrate the great history of transportation in Chicago but also help the immigrants, who are the majorities of the surrounding neighborhoods, to learn English easily, share their culture and better integrate with the city. By embracing hybridity in program and enclosure, I am trying to deal with performance from both a social and environmental perspective. I also develop a performative exterior facade system that modulates light, air and information—recognizing the effects of this system on the occupants’ experience of the building and the sustainable perspective.


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