Uptown Multi-Culture Center

Ye Chan Shin
B Arch, 3rd Year Spring, 2014

Uptown is a very unique and mixed-in cultural place. However the diversity also created separations between race and location. Through GIS analysis and research, I drew programs that best suited the site to be a library and art gallery. Additionally, interviews with people strongly supported the concepts of the courtyard and programs. The idea of the courtyard for the neighborhood's scale where people may come, wait, relax, and engage. The location was chosen to be where the most pedestrian traffic occurs and deeply rooted historically so that people are already familiar with the place. This is also a waiting place for events, people, or the train.


Uptown multi-cultural center is designed to be a large meeting place where people interact, share, learn, engage, and create. Through educational programs such as language classes, exhibitions, and seminars, we invite people to inform and learn about various things. Social programs such as cultural events and a social cafe will increase interaction between neighbors even more. Thus, Uptown Multi-Cultural Center invites anyone who is willing to come, gives opportunities to involve in any programs that they wish.


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