May 2nd 2024

Experience the Future of 3D Printing at the College of Architecture

A plethora of standout digitally modeled work from IIT College of Architecture students, ranging from imaginative takes of guitar bodies to spiders, are on display in the Kemper Room at Paul V. Galvin Library until May 12.

Titled “Off Topic,” the exhibition is the collective work of the class Hybrid Objects V.2, which focused on digital fabrication equipment and was taught by Adjunct Professor Brick Cassidy. “The term ‘hybrid objects’ refers to the combination of building materials, focusing specifically on their points of connection and harmony in final construction,” Cassidy says. “The class has engaged with a variety of methods of digital fabrication techniques for translating digital data into physical media. Each student has worked to produce an object that reflects their path of production throughout the semester.”

The course began with designing lamps using 3D printers and CNC machines. “Some students began to pivot toward musical instruments and abstractions based off of the work of several contemporary artists and designers we studied each week,” Cassidy says.

The 25 student projects on display will stay open until the end of the semester. Everyone is welcome to appreciate the works.