Aug 14th 2018

Professor Kultermann receives AIAS Educator Honor Award

Eva Kultermann, Associate Dean of University and Academic Affairs and Associate Professor has been awarded a 2018 AIAS Educator Honor Award. This is the most prestigious award given by the American Institute of Architecture Students, conferred on an AIAS faculty advisor or educator who has exhibited outstanding contributions to the formal and informal education of architecture students. 

This year's jury noted the depth to which Prof. Kultermann crafted both studio and extracurricular experiences, and commended the development of exercises that engaged local community clients, encouraging students to be “informed and active citizens responsive to the needs of a changing world and equipped with the ability to address critical environmental, social, and economic challenges through design and responsible professional practice.” 

Prof. Kultermann is a dedicated teacher, scholar, and administrator. This is evidenced by the high student evaluation scores and her recent co-authorship of a book. In addition to her teaching and administrative duties, Prof. Kultermann also serves as the AIAS Freedom By Design Mentor, where she has worked to develop strong relationships between the architecture program and the broader community. Her leadership in this initiative demonstrates the value in the dual pedagogies of community engagement and sustainable design, and is one of many reasons the jury selected her to receive the 2018 Educator Honor Award.