Nov 13th 2015

Bosco Verticale Best Tall Building

Stefano Boeri's Bosco Verticale awarded CTBUH "Best Tall Building Worldwide" in S. R. Crown Hall during the 2015 CTBUH Award Ceremony and Dinner. Bosco Verticale had been named "Best Tall Building Europe" earlier in 2015.

Bosco Verticale, literally “Vertical Forest,” is one of the most intensive living green façades ever realized. It utilizes an architectural concept that replaces traditional cladding materials with screens of vegetation creating a distinct microclimate that works to improve the sustainability of the structure. This type of design creates an urban ecosystem that encourages interaction between the flora, fauna, and the apartments’ residents. The tower is home to 480 big and medium size trees, 250 small size trees, 11,000 groundcover plants and 5,000 shrubs, which is equivalent to an entire hectare of forest cover.

Dean Wiel Arets, Stefano Boeri and Ph.D. Director Michelangelo Sabatino

Along with creating a beautiful façade, the incorporation of vegetation into the structure adds a number of sustainable design elements. The foliage acts to improve air quality by filtering out dust and sequestering carbon, while also mitigating the urban heat island effect and reducing noise pollution. As a whole, the living green façade concurrently stimulates interaction with the surrounding environment while also protecting against it.Stefano Boeri had delivered the CTBUH Lecture as part of the Dean's Lecture Series on November 11th, 2015 in S. R. Crown Hall.