Jun 21st 2023

City Design at Center of Upcoming Ph.D. Program Symposium

IIT College of Architecture’s Ph.D. program has announced that its seventh annual International Graduate Student Symposium, “In Between: Architecture and Development of the Urban Landscape,” will run November 16–17, 2023, at S. R. Crown Hall.

The event dives into the framework of cities: the economic, political, social, and ecological dimensions of urban planning. The symposium aims to explore the multifaceted relationship between architecture and these complex issues in today’s North American urban landscape.

The event highlights research papers prepared by Ph.D. candidates from across the world, which will be compiled into the seventh edition of Prometheus, the journal of the college’s Ph.D. program in architecture, after the event. Submitted 500-word abstracts should delve into one of the four core frameworks of the symposium. Learn more about the subjects and how to submit an abstract on the symposium website.

All abstracts must be submitted by July 10, 2023, before going through a double-blind peer review process.

The most recent edition of the journal, Prometheus 6, is now available, based on the 2022 symposium titled “Regenerative Cities: Infrastructure, Landscape, Buildings, and Technologies,” which drew from the experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic to examine the effect of civic, health, and natural crises on cities and how architects can be better prepared for future crises. Read prior Prometheus issues here.