Feb 22nd 2016

Cloud Talk Video: Winy Maas

Winy Maas delivered the Loebl Lecture Cloud Talk, (WE)GOCITY - Tailor Made Housing on in Lower Core or S.R. Crown Hall. Watch the video now. 

WINY MAAS, co-founder of MVRDV, Rotterdam, is currently leading a Cloud Studio from TU Delft in partnership with John Manaves in Chicago.

The Why Factory studio focuses on the Netherlands' tradition of collective housing. The studio expanded on this and developed the next step in general housing. (W)eGo City investigates and pushes forward the limits of design freedom by making, for each user, its dream house under dense circumstances that share a collective infrastructure. There are so many housing possibilities in terms of outer envelope, but the current production of towers and slabs reduces the variety into extrusions of the same floor plans. How can this be improved?