Feb 12th 2018


IIT College of Architecture
Spring 2018 Lectures and Events
All lectures take place in S. R. Crown Hall and are open to the public unless otherwise noted

Faculty Authors Lectures 2-3pm, Lower Center Core
February 16
Martin Felsen

February 19
Vedran Mimica
“The Berlage Affair” 

February 23
John DeSalvo (with Judith Paine)
“The Illustration of Architecture- The Guide Book Series”

February 26
Peng Du & Antony Wood
Downtown High-Rise vs. Suburban Low-Rise Living

March 5
Sean Keller
“Automatic Architecture”

March 19
Lluis Ortega (presenting with Paul Andersen and David Salomon)
“Total Designer”

March 21 
Rahman Azari
“Complexities in quantification and modeling of embodied energy and carbon emissions of buildings” 

April 2
Alla Vronskaya
“Anti-Architectures of Self-Incurred Immaturity”

Cloud Talks 2pm, Lower Center Core

February 12
Ines Weizman
“Bauhaus Revisited” SOM Cloud Lecture

February 21
Carol Ross Barney
“Systems and Cities”

February 28
Francesco Marullo

March 23
An IIT alumnus builds: Jong Soung Kimm's realized work

CoA Evening Dean’s Lectures 6PM, Upper Center Core
February 12
Maria Counts (with Christopher Counts)
“Charged Grounds: Places for People”
Exhibition opening, reception and lecture

February 21
Fernando Romero
SOM Lecture on Architecture and Urbanism

Feb 26
Celebration of Italian Design Day
“Italian Design: A Success Story”
Rodrigo Rodriquez, entrepreneur, ADI Compasso d’Oro Career Award and Board Member of Fondazione Triennale Design Museum

February 28
Ricky Burdett
"Shaping Cities"

March  21
George Baird 
SOM Lecture on Architecture and Urbanism
Megastructures and High-Tech"; a 60's - 70's Adventure in Modern Canadian Architecture

March 28
Thomas Dyja
The lecture inaugurates "Alfred Caldwell and the Performance of Democracy," a year of events by the IIT Landscape Architecture + Urbanism Program and the Graham Resource Center with support from The Graham Foundation

April 12
“Naive Intention”

April 17
Larry Keeley

"Amplifying Opportunity: Designing Cities that Help Citizens Get Past the Gig Economy" - Morgenstern Chair Lecture

IIT Architecture Events
January 29 - February 19
Exhibition: Counts Studio: “Charged Grounds: Places for People”
Upper North Core

February 9
Scholarship Symposium for potential UG Crown and Cameras students

February 20 – 5:30pm
"The Heritage of Mies"
Docomomo International Journal Launch and Round Table Discussion

March 2 – 5:30pm
IIT CoA Alumni Event 

March 22- 5:30pm
“Mies Birthday Party Celebration”
Upper Core

March 30
Graduate Admitted Student Event

April 2– 5:30pm
Exhibition Opening: “Peter Land Retrospective Work at IIT”
Upper North Core

April 6
UG Admitted Student Event

May 10 and 11
CoA Student Award Jury and Open House
Crown Hall

May 12
CoA Commencement
Upper Center Core 

MCHAP (Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize) Events
March 1 – 3
MCHAP Cycle 3 – Jury Session 1

March 1 – 23
Exhibit of Work Crown Hall Upper Core

April 12
MCHAP Emerge Symposium and Award Ceremony

IIT Architecture Hosted Events
February 8  5:30 – 7:30pm
IIT Annual Scholarship Parent Reception
Upper Center Core
Gavin Waits

February 17  8am – 2pm
ComEd and IIT Global Leaders Event (Luke Chitwood)
Upper Core

April 11 – 5 pm
“Pilsen Arte Arquitectura Cultura”
In collaboration with Ed Kaplan Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Hermann Hall

April 21 – 8:30 – 4 pm
“Preservation Challenges of Modernist Structures”
Association Preservation Technology Western Great Lakes Chapter and Docomomo US/Chicago