Aug 31st 2023

2023 Fall Lecture Series: Karen Lutsky and Sean Burkholder

Two acclaimed landscape architects will highlight methods to understand, analyze, and intervene in the changing tides of landscape architecture during a book discussion and reception at S. R. Crown Hall at noon on Monday, September 11.

Karen Lutsky and Sean Burkholder, authors of Five Bay Landscapes: Curious Explorations of the Great Lakes Basin, will talk at an exhibition in the Graham Resource Center based on the book’s ideas, which focuses on how “the coastal zone of the Great Lakes reflects an increasingly dysfunctional relationship between the people of the basin and the resources that support them.” The exhibition will be displayed through the fall semester.

Burkholder is the Andrew Gordon Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. Lutsky is an assistant professor of landscape architecture at the University of Minnesota and director of the Great Lakes Design Labs.