Apr 19th 2017

Henderson's "City Walk" Selected for Big Jump

City Walk Providence, a program designed by L+A Landscape Architecture, the firm led by CoA Professor and MLA+U Program Director Ron Henderson, has been selected as a focus area for The Big Jump Project.

The Big Jump Project, an initiative of the organization, People for Bikes, is helping 10 cities radically reimagine their bicycling infrastructure, while at the same time helping to propel communities nationwide into a better future for biking. Over the course of the next three years, the combination of quickly connected biking networks and the use of smart outreach encouraging people to ride more, will illustrate the ways in which U.S. cities and towns can tap into bicycles to improve the health and vitality of their communities. The initiative, which aims to double or triple bike ridership in specific neighborhoods, hopes to prove that when cities make smart changes, more people ride bikes, and communities become better places to live, work and play.

City Walk Providence is a broadly-scaled linear pedestrian and bicycle system that connects eight Providence neighborhoods, extending over seven miles from India Point Park at the eastern edge of the city to Roger Williams Park at the city's southern edge. The project, conceived in collaboration with the Providence Foundation and the Jewelry District Association in 2008, was included in the Rhode Island Transportation Improvement Plan for 2017-2025 and was approved for $1.9 million of design and implementation funding in 2017-2018.