Nov 5th 2018


IIT Architecture third year studio ( B.ARCH) won the SOFA CONNECT student design installation competition this past weekend.

The Sculptural Objects Functional Arts (SOFA) Expo at Navy Pier CONNECT competition highlights innovative design programs from six design schools. The schools were charged with creating a seating + lighting installation that would provide a gathering/rest area within the larger exhibition.

The winning submission, entitled"Wa, Ba, Tokaro, and Ma",  is an investigation of the axes of X, Y, and Z. Students described the project as, "A simple framework of visual lines exploits these within this stage for diverse physical and emotional interactions. Elements therein are fundamentally assigned to signify each; seating arrangement in width, wall facade in depth, lighting systems in height. An experience, following laws of proportion and tailored by an articulation of a sloping plane, mutates with movement throughout. Intricate illumination then forms beacons to guide through the orchestrated space – into a serendipitous moment of recharge."