May 15th 2020

Open House 2020 and Award Winners Are Now Live

Though traditionally held in iconic S. R. Crown Hall, IIT College of Architecture’s Open House 2020 will be hosted as a fully digital experience that celebrates the work of our students. Students, parents, and members of the architecture community are invited to browse our student projects at the the Open House microsite.

Titled “Strata,” the virtual exhibition presents a survey of work from across all levels of College of Architecture academic programs. The exhibition invites guests to engage in the juxtaposition of work from various stages of an architectural education.

It is with great pride that we present the following list of winners in our Open House awards program, who distinguished themselves with their exceptional work.

Samuel Horwitz Memorial Scholarship

Helen Leach (B.ARCH. 1st Year)

Tianjiao Wang (B.ARCH. 1st Year)

Davis Housman (B.ARCH. 2nd Year)

Dwight T. Black Memorial Scholarship

Zexin (Tarry) Gu (B.ARCH. 3rd Year)

Tammy Phan (B.ARCH. 4th Year) and Daniel Nguyen (B.ARCH. 4th Year)

Nagle/Hartray Scholarship

Yiti (Alice) Gao (M.ARCH. 1st Year)

Jerrold and Ruth Veil Loebl Fellowship Prize

Chitan Shah (M.ARCH. 2nd Year), Benvadee Wangtrakudee (M.ARCH. 2nd Year), and Simran Motwani (M.ARCH. 2nd Year)

The Brothers Finfer Scholarship

Abdallah Al-Quadsi (M.ARCH. 2nd Year), Sheena Artajo (M.ARCH. 2nd Year), and Amandeep Panach (M.ARCH. 1st Year)

George Danforth Traveling Fellowship

Erin Conti (M.ARCH. 2nd Year), Branden Pentico (M.ARCH. 2nd Year), and Curtis MacIver (M.ARCH. 3rd Year)

Boram Oh (B.ARCH. 5th Year), Morgan Wynne (M.ARCH. 2nd Year), Yujin Yang (B.ARCH 5th Year), and Annalise Zorn (B.ARCH. 5th Year)

Jingyu Jwa (B.ARCH. 5th Year)

Seong Cheol Kim (B.ARCH. 5th Year)

Jerrold Loebl Fellowship Traveling Prize

Alexis Arias-Betancourt (M.L.A.+U/M.ARCH. 3rd Year), Rachel Starr (B.Arch. 5th Year), and Jing Yao (M.L.A.+U 2nd Year)