Jan 26th 2017


As Phyllis Lambert Turns 90, an exhibition of her impact and influence on the field of architecture opens in Montréal.

Lambert is widely recognized for founding the  Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) in Montréal in 1979. 

At 27, she convinced her father to hire Ludwig Mies van der Rohe to design the building that would be his company’s new headquarters in New York City. In doing so she helped to catapult Mies to international prominence and to permanently alter the city’s skyline. She later studied architecture at IIT Architecture, receiving her M.S. in 1963, and since then has been a strong supporter of the College. 

Phyllis Lambert, David Sharpe, Myron Goldsmith, Jin Hwan Kim, and an unidentified student at a Master Class Studio at the Illinois Institute of Technology (1961). Image © Fonds Phyllis Lambert (CCA)

In honor of her work she was awarded the 2014 Golden Lion Award at the Venice Architecture Biennale, one of the highest recognitions in the world.