Jun 5th 2016

Prof. Krawczyk in Currents 2016

College of Architecture Professor Robert Krawczyk has three of his
Containing Air 3D printed series accepted in the upcoming CURRENTS
2016: Santa Fe International New Media Festival, June 10 - June 26,
2016, in the Virtual Object exhibit at the form & concept Gallery in
the Santa Fe Railyard District. The work selected is at:

The annual, citywide CURRENTS: Santa Fe International New Media
Festival, first started in 2010, offers: New Media Installations,
Outdoor Installations, Architectural Mapping, Single Channel Video and
Animation, Multimedia Performance, Fulldome, Experimental and
Interactive Documentary, Web-Art/Art-Gaming/Mobile Device Apps, Oculus
Rift, Robotics, 3D Printing, Artists Presentations, Panels and