Oct 28th 2019

College of Architecture Ph.D. Program Launches Peer-Reviewed Journal

Illinois Institute of Technology’s College of Architecture is proud to announce the publication of "Prometheus: Journal of the Ph.D. Program in Architecture." The peer-reviewed journal offers a comprehensive overview of research-in-progress presented at the Ph.D. program’s annual student-run symposium, and features the work of IIT Architecture Ph.D. students and faculty—past and present—the world over.

“As a college of architecture within a science and technology-rich university, we are committed to fostering an environment of interdisciplinary inquiry,” says Professor Michelangelo Sabatino, director of the Ph.D. program and former dean of the College of Architecture. “We hope "Prometheus" will serve as a platform for emerging researchers who, like the symbol and masthead of this journal, take risks that lead to game-changing innovation at the service of humankind.” 

The inaugural issue of "Prometheus," titled “Petroleum Modernism,” examines the impact that the discovery of petroleum in the Persian Gulf had on the development of the region, and how it intersected with the rise of the Modernist movement in architecture. Issues two and three, titled “Chicago Schools” and “Buildings, Cities, and Performance,” respectively, will launch at the same time as the first issue. Each issue is guest-edited by current and former Ph.D. students.

"We are three Ph.D. graduates from three diverse cultural backgrounds and with different research interests, but we were brought together when we were selected to launch 'Prometheus,'" says Dan Baciu (Ph.D. '18), College of Architecture alumni and editor of the second issue of "Prometheus."

"Every nook and cranny of every discipline has its palette of journals, and every editor says they select work of high relevance. Yet, selective or not, so many journals forget the students. We feel that the students are the present and future of science and humanities,” he continues.

"Prometheus" will officially launch at Wrightwood 659 on November 16, 2019, during the Ph.D. program’s fourth annual symposium. Electronic versions will be free for download in spring semester 2020, while individuals interested in print copies can receive them by contacting Sabatino.