Oct 31st 2014

CoA Student Exhibit "Re-imagining Gary: Miller Beach"

Master of Architecture / ARCH 543 STUDIO III : Fall 2013
Neighborhood – The Examination and Redevelopment of Miller, Indiana

The Miller Beach neighborhood of Gary, Indiana has its origins as a recreation destination and in the arts as a destination for artists from Chicago in the 19th century. Today the neighborhood is in transition, coming back from one of the worst economic downturns in its history and residents of the area are using art as a catalyst for development.

Our neighborhood development will emphasis the arts as a device to activate the area but is not limited to it. It, like any other neighborhood is composed of elements of shelter, markets, transportation, commerce, museums that celebrate what is relevant and community gathering space. These components are intertwined and dependant on one another and without one component the whole would not function successfully. The goal for students is to determine what the right mix for success is appropriate. After addressing the whole, each student will design a single element within that neighborhood.