Dec 17th 2015

Students Win Brush Park Competition

Three teams from Dirk Denison's Cloud Studio, Re-populating a Frontier Metropolis - Detroit, were honored in the Brush Park Detroit Student Competition for urban housing proposals.

Tyler Baldwin, Neil Griffin and Li Zhehang were first place winners for their proposal, The Hive, a new mixed-use typology built to meet the needs of today and for generations to come. The students received a $3000 prize and the opportunity to intern with the competition's sponsors Bedrock Real Estate Services.

From the proposal: "Detroit is a city of creators, where citizens strap up their boots to make their condition better no matter the circumstances. Every citizen has an accountability for themselves, their neighbors and their city, relentlessly pursuing the dream of a greater Detroit. THE HIVE is a framework to help make those dreams a reality."

A second group from the studio (which included Liliana Gonzales Montoya, Alina Tompert, Jinjoo Yoo) placed second with their proposal, CoWork-CoLive. They received a $2000 prize for second place.

From the proposal: "This project seeks to deepen the community roots in Brush Park and have a positive social, economic, and environmental affect on the neighborhood. Through creating a Live-Work community, the small businesses of Detroit can flourish while creating a social community of entrepreneurs and creative minds. The building programs also promote family life through the daycare, and Detroit tourism through the hostel. The form of the building is terraced, extending the sidewalk up through the building, allowing each storefront to have 'street-front property' and creating visual connections from every courtyard or atrium, giving you a peek at what the building has to offer at a glance."

A third team from the Cloud Studio, with Dan Harvey, Amanda Wills and Brian Farci, received an honorable mention for their project, The Knot.