Dec 9th 2020

Video | Emergent Asian Landscapes

EMERGENT ASIAN LANDSCAPES: MLA+U Annual Peter Schaudt Lecture from IIT Architecture Chicago on Vimeo.

On November 11 the Master of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism program at the College of Architecture hosted Yifeng Lin, Zhongwei Li, and Fu Yingbin for its annual Peter Schaudt Lecture. Titled “Emergent Asian Landscapes,” the lecture covered Lin, Li, and Yingbin’s innovative work in landscape architecture in China and beyond.

Lin is the founder of YIYU Design, a Shanghai-based landscape architecture firm with a mission to “create a universe through any corner designed, and to provide a peaceful and inspirational space in life.” Some of the firm’s projects include Edge Garden, located between a post-industrial dock and flood wall, as well as Valley of Cloud, an experimental playground that pairs play space with mist-making machines and sits next to a forest preserve.

Li is the cofounder of labD+H, an international, multidisciplinary design practice with studios in Shanghai; Los Angeles; Seoul; and Guangzhou, China. Recent projects include Yongqing Fang Alleyways, a restoration and beautification of the alleyways in the heart of Guangzhou old town, as well as the proposal for a pedestrian network along the Han River in Seoul, which won an international design competition.

Finally, Yingbin is the founder of Fuyingbin Studio, which specializes in the design of public and cultural architecture projects in rural areas of China, including the redesign of a temple in Sun Township in Anhui Province and the creation and design of a playground in a village in Tongzi County in Guizhou Province.