Nov 5th 2020

Video | The Long View: A Conversation with Claudia Herasme and Lee Bey

Claudia Herasme & Lee Bey: The Long View from IIT Architecture Chicago on Vimeo.

On October 28 the College of Architecture hosted urban designer Claudia Herasme and photographer, author, and IIT Architecture Adjunct Professor Lee Bey. The panelists discussed questions of practice, design, and advocacy for and in the built environment, developed from their distinguished professional experience.

Moreover, both speakers have established long-running practices and careers in two of the largest cities in the United States. Herasme is the former director of urban design at the New York Department of City Planning, tasked with planning the future of the city’s urban design to improve the livability of its neighborhoods. Meanwhile, Bey is a long-time architecture critic for the Chicago Sun-Times and has spent decades documenting the built environment of Chicago. Previously, he served as deputy chief of staff for urban planning under mayor Richard M. Daley.

“Claudia and Lee have dedicated their professional lives to big questions of advocacy, community, and civic space in the design of urban environments, explored through the local and the specific. Their ability to articulate the longer views of cities’ built environments, pasts, presents, futures is admirable and evocative,” says Senior Lecturer Leslie Johnson, who hosted the conversation on behalf of the IIT College of Architecture Lecture and Event Committee.