May 13th 2022

2022 IIT College of Architecture Spring Award Winners

Dozens of structure designs, renders, and models fill S. R. Crown Hall, the home of IIT College of Architecture, during the college’s 2022 Open House, titled Perimeters. Students showcased their favorite projects, from soaring residential skyscrapers to complete neighborhood redesigns, a culmination of their work during the past academic year.

The event marks a return to physically displaying student work in Crown Hall, which was halted for two years by the COVID-19 epidemic. “Perimeters acknowledges time bound by various physical and digital boundaries over the past two years and celebrates resilience, ingenuity, and hope during times of isolation and separation from family, friends, and community—acknowledging that it’s sometimes at the edges where we do our best work,” the gallery description states.

Awards were presented to undergraduate students first, mostly from scholarships within the college that emphasize talent and professional promise:

-Samuel Horwitz Scholarship (1st Year): Fionn Hui

-Samuel Horwitz Scholarship (1st Year): Maria Plencner

-Samuel Horwitz Scholarship (2nd Year): Gemma Brizzolara

-Dwight T. Black Scholarship (3rd Year): Jusang Lee

-Dwight T. Black Scholarship (3rd Year): Jayhawk Reese-Julien

-Dwight T. Black Scholarship Honorable Mention (4th Year): Connor Amundson, Ben Helmkamp, and Carl Johan Svensson for their project “Mind the Gap” (Flury Studio)

-Dwight T. Black Scholarship (4th Year): Fang Ding, Zoey Kriethe, and Yuqi Li for their project “A Place of Repose” (Radutny Studio)

-RATIO Scholarship: Ruth Muniz

Most scholarships for master’s students focused on studio projects, outstanding talent, and professional promise:

-Nagle/Hartray Scholarship: Autumn Damiani and Lara Tekneyan for their respective individual work in the M.Arch First-Year Studio

-Wiel Loebl Scholarship: Ayanna Hardy-Fuller, Sailee Keny, Shivani Nimbalkar, and Miguel Sevilla for their project “Ritual Habitat: A Hybrid High-Rise in the South Loop”

-Brothers Finfer Scholarship: Aakash Gupta, Ore Olayinka, and Gabi Zemaitis for their project “Synchronicity: An Aviary and Bird Conservation Center In Lincoln Park”

The George Danforth Traveling Fellowship and the Jerrold Loebl Traveling Prize are meant to support student travel to study and enhance their architectural education:

-George Danforth Traveling Fellowship: Hyoeun Lee, Nimah Mohiuddin, and Hyung Doo Youn for their project “City as an Expo” (Mimica and Groesbeck Studio)

-George Danforth Traveling Fellowship: Seniha Ozturk, Kait Weishaar, and Asiye Yukselen for their project “Miami Tomorrow” (Conger-Austin and Endres Studio)

-George Danforth Traveling Fellowship: Jessie Flatley, Isabella Holguin, and Sofia Linares for their project “Pilsen Roots” (Denison and Villalobos Studio)

-George Danforth Traveling Fellowship: Mae Smith for her project “Unstable Landscapes: The Incomplete Bridge” (Utrabo Studio)

-Jerrold Loebl Traveling Prize: Mae Smith and Keith Wiley for their project “Rethinking Nature, Reassembling Matter: São Paulo House” (Utrabo Studio)

Institutes from across the country joined the college in honoring landscape architect students:

-Illinois Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects Award of Honor: Erik Schiller

-Illinois Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects Award of Merit: Jessica Flatley

-Landscape Architecture Foundation’s Olmsted Scholarship: Davey (Hines) Friday

-Landscape Architecture Book Award in History, Theory, and Criticism: Erik Schiller

-LIRIO Landscape Architecture Summer Travel Award: Hans Friedl

-Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Scholarship: Jincheng Chen, Nicholas Myers, and Mahmud Rahman.

-Caldwell Medal: Juliana Cardozo Chamorro

-Hilberseimer Medal: Yeliz Otkiran

-Edward Lyons Pryce Scholarship: Maurice Gaston

-EDSA Diversity Scholarship: Jorge Mayorga

Scholarships were also awarded to Ph.D. students emphasizing innovation, integrity, and scholarship in architecture:

-18th Annual Architectural Research Centers Consortium King Student Medal: Yohan Kim

-Best Defended Doctoral Dissertation in 2021–2022 Academic Year: Piyush Khairnar

-Ph.D. Program Spirit Award: Alejandro Saldaña Perales for his contributions to building the Ph.D. community

-Graham Resource Center Book Award: Omar Rodriguez and Jaylen White

-Peterhans Visual Training Prize: Nathaniel Staniak for their work in “Visual Training with Adjunct Professor Kristin Jones

-Peterhans Visual Training Prize: Fionn Hui for their work in “Design Communications I” with Adjunct Professor Zahida Khan

-Peterhans Visual Training Prize: Patrick Kubik for their work in “Pure Form” with Associate Professor Catherine Wetzel

-Peterhans Visual Training Prize: Morgan Colbert for their work in “Nordic Assembly” with Senior Lecturer Leslie Johnson

The studio faculty recognize excellent continuing students for going above and beyond the expectations of the studio. The 2022 Studio Faculty Awards go to the following recipients:

-B.Arch 1st Year: Hai Truong

-B.Arch 2nd Year: Emily Duong and Ethan Pulvermacher

-B.Arch 3rd Year: Helen Leach

-B.Arch 4th Year: Nevin Abdelghani

-M.Arch 1st Year: Lara Tekneyan

-M.L.A.+U. 1st Year: Mohammad Arabmazar

-M.L.A.+U. 2nd Year: Krista Dawson

The Peer Mentor Program gives those entering the College of Architecture a student mentor for their first semester of study and provides peer mentors with their first taste of teaching and mentoring. This year’s peer mentors are:

-Alexandra Bajor

-Trae Horne

-Malhar Kate

-Vedant Khopkar

-Nhat Nguyen

-Elizabeth Northeim

-Preet Parekh

-Kanya Raj Sathish

-Win Lei Shun

-Sarah Stephens

Every year, the American Institute of Architects awards the Medal for Academic Excellence for the top graduate of the National Architectural Accrediting Board programs who has displayed general excellence in their program:

-B. Arch Medal for Academic Excellence: Kaitlin Weishaar

-M. Arch Medal for Academic Excellence: Noah Donica

-Alpha Rho Chi Medal: Mae Smith

Photos of winning projects will be posted soon.