Sep 26th 2017

Chicago Schools: Authors, Audiences and History

“Chicago Schools” is an international peer-reviewed graduate student symposium hosted by the IIT College of Architecture PhD Program in partnership with the 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial. The event is open to the public.


FRIDAY NOV 17, 2017 | Claudia Cassidy Theater, Chicago Cultural Center

6:30 PM, Keynote Talk, "Mapping Chicago History: Looking for Clarity and Complexity"
Gwendolyn Wright (Columbia University). Introduction by Dan Costa Baciu, Daniel Whittaker and Michelangelo Sabatino (IIT)

SATURDAY, NOV 18, 2017 | S. R. Crown Hall

9:00 AM, IIT Campus tour
Kevin Harrington (IIT), starts at Crown Hall.

10:00 AM, Introduction
Dan Costa Baciu, Daniel Whittaker and Michelangelo Sabatino (IIT)

10:20 AM, Paper Session 1, "Authors and Audiences"
Chair: Joanna Merwood Salisbury (Victoria University of Wellington), papers: Caitlin Blanchfield (Columbia University),Waltraut Paula Indrist (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna), respondent: Christopher Vernon (University of Western Australia), discussion minutes: Daniel Whittaker (IIT)

11:30 AM, Chicago Lecture 1, "Chicago Schools: A Synopsis from 150 Years of Publications"
Dan Costa Baciu (IIT)

12:00 PM, Paper Session 2, "The First School"
Chair: David Van Zanten (Northwestern University), papers: Arezou Khalili (Virginia Tech), Sara Ebrahem (Arab Academy for Sciences and Technology), Craig Lee (University of Delaware), respondent: John Zukowsky (independent scholar), discussion minutes: Pilar Salazar Lozano (University of Navarra)

1:00 PM Lunch

1:30 PM, Chicago Lecture 2, "Dynamic Iconography: Gyorgy Kepes and the Chicago School of Philosophy"
Michael Golec (School of the Art Institute of Chicago)

2:00 PM, Paper Session 3, "The New School"
Chair: Thomas Leslie (Iowa State University), papers: Zaida Garcia Requejo (University of A Coruña), Vasileios I. Chanis (Delft University of Technology), Pilar Salazar Lozano (University of Navarra), respondent: Rolf Achilles (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), discussion minutes: Marcos Amado Petroli (IIT)

3:10 PM, Undergraduate Lightning Talk, Nika Bockenholt & Seniha Ozturk (IIT)

3:30 PM, Chicago Lecture 3, "Chicagoism: Architecture of an Accelerated Metropolis"
Alexander Eisenschmidt (University of Illinois at Chicago)

4:00 PM, Paper Session 4, “Hidden Histories,” Chair: Kevin Harrington (IIT), papers: Daniel Whittaker (IIT), Jan Frohburg (University of Limerick), Karl Hakken (IIT), respondent: Alison Fisher (Art Institute of Chicago), discussion minutes: Zaida Garcia Requejo (University of A Coruña)

5:30 PM, Chicago Lecture 4, "American Urbanism and CIAM"
Eric P. Mumford (Washington University in St. Louis)

6:00 PM, Paper Session 5, "Transformations and Reinterpretations"
Chair: Jonathan Mekinda (University of Illinois at Chicago), papers: Tibor Pataky (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne), Scott Deisher (University of Michigan), Marcos Amado Petroli (IIT), respondent: Alexander Eisenschmidt (University of Illinois at Chicago), discussion minutes: Karl Hakken (IIT)


“Chicago Schools” explores the interplay between the individual and collective in the process of making history. How were ideas developed, disseminated, translated to new disciplines, and finally transformed over and over again by the interaction with their audiences? The symposium engages with and enhances the dialogue around the Biennial theme, “Make New History,” by highlighting graduate student contributions in architectural and art history. Papers revisit past and present Chicago Schools as well as the emergence of new historiographic and architectural traditions within a global context.


Steering committee:
Prof. Michelangelo Sabatino, Dan Costa Baciu (PhD cand.), Daniel Whittaker (PhD cand.).

Peer review committee:
Prof. Rolf Achilles, Prof. Robert Bruegmann, Prof. Alexander Eisenschmidt, Alison Fisher (PhD), Prof. Michael Golec, Prof. Kevin Harrington, Bradford Hunt (PhD), Prof. Sean Keller, Prof. Thomas Leslie, Prof. Jonathan Mekinda, Prof. Joanna Merwood-Salisbury, Prof. Eric Mumford, Prof. David Van Zanten, Prof. Christopher Vernon, Prof. Claire Zimmerman, John Zukowsky (PhD).

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