Feb 20th 2018


Feb 21, 2018 | 6 pm
S. R. Crown Hall
Upper Center Core

Fernando Romero is recognized as one of the leading architects of his generation and a “Global Leader of Tomorrow” by the World Economic Forum. Romero’s groundbreaking designs are steeped in the concept of translation — using space as a jumping off point for exploring the unknown possibilities of architecture and design.

Through his work with his firm FR-EE, Romero utilizes extensive research, the application of groundbreaking technology, and the implementation of sustainable infrastructures in order to recontextualize how we interact with and experience space.

The essence of his practice is, perhaps, most recognized in Romero’s design for Museo Soumaya. Deemed “impossible to build,” Romero’s asymmetrical structure, which received Architizer´s A+ Award, has become one of the most iconic, most photographed structures in North America, while simultaneously acting as the home to the most visited private collection of art in the world.

Outside to his practice, Romero’s devotion to research and experimentation has lead to the publication of several volumes, notably Translation (Actar, 2005), Hyperborder (Princeton Architectural Press, 2007) and Simplexity (Hatje-Cantz, 2010), as well as countless awards, including an Honorary Fellowship by AIA – American Institute of Architects, the Bauhaus Award (2004/2005) and Mexican Society of Architects Award (2009).

Romero, who studied architecture at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, received his formal training under the supervision of Jean Nouvel in Paris, before working with Rem Koolhaas at OMA for five years. After his time with Koolhaas, Romero founded FR-EE (Fernando Romero EnterprisE), which has offices in Mexico City and New York, in 2000.